Without health everything is nothing. So we should take care of our health. This starts with a healthy diet, continues with physical activity and includes the development of our mind. Keep your body healthy so that your soul feels like living in it. Theresa von Avilla Health is based on an unhindered flow of energy throughout the body. In addition to a healthy diet, it is important to drink enough water and exercise. But it is also important to find and eliminate the cause of an illness. Science today agrees that almost all diseases are caused by stress and a lack of various micronutrients.
Take care of your finances. Money is not the most important thing in life, but if you don’t have it, it becomes the most important thing in life! Having finances brings freedom – so you are not free as soon as your finances are bad.
Good relationships are important for the overall development of our personality. Isolation leads to illness and even death. This was recognized early on in studies. Therefore, communication plays a major role. Good relationships help us replenish our energy stores. If we tend to have bad relationships, then they rob us of all our energy. So you should ensure good relationships with family and friends and a home where you feel comfortable. Our type of communication also plays a role here. Man is a social creature. Appreciation is the magic word. The more appreciative we are able to communicate, the more harmonious our relationships will be.
What does our personality have to do with our house of life? Well, the natural way for us beings is growth. A tree that stops growing dies. A person who no longer grows becomes dissatisfied and permanently ill. Feelings affect us more than anything else, they affect our subconscious. For me, working on personality means becoming who I really want to be. Developing mental strength, finding and pursuing the meaning of life, having new experiences, becoming stronger and bolder, expanding the comfort zone.
Finding a purpose in life and pursuing it at work and in my free time gives me extra energy during fulfillment. Surely you know it too? While you are doing something that you enjoy and enjoy, you hardly notice any loss of energy. On the contrary, you are often gifted with more energy. So find your purpose in life, your fulfillment.

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